Calendar types

Do it your way. Discover our calendar types.

Classic Wall Calendar

The wall calendar is the classic. Silver spiral binding holds the 12 calendar sheets together. The calendar is supplied with a hanger. You can choose from a number of formats and paper types. Our wall calendars are also available with a high-gloss finish or gold effect. Also they can be printed on photographic paper.

Available in the following formats:
• Portrait: 12 x 17" or 8 x 12"
• Landscape: 17 x 12" or 12 x 8"
• Square: 8 x 8" or 12 x 12"

Panoramic Calendar

Lots of panoramic shots? This calendar offers enough space for your images. Your panoramic shots are shown particularly well on this calendar option. The Panoramic Calendar is available in portrait and landscape format.

Available in the following formats:
• 17 x 8"
• 8 x 17"

Family Calendar

The perfect companion in daily life for keeping an eye on your appointments. This calendar can be designed flexible suited for your needs - you can insert up to four columns. Each family member can enter their appointments in their own column. You can add a photo of your loved one to each column to make your very own personal calendar. The family calendar is produced in high-quality digital print.

Available in the following format:
• 12 x 17"

Kitchen Calendar

Thanks to its narrow format (5 x 12'' or 6 x 16.5''), the kitchen calendar will fit into any tight space you can find for it. There are numerous options for designing your layout. The kitchen calendar is produced in high-quality digital print. You can choose from two formats.

Available in the following formats:
• 5 x 12"
• 6 x 17"

Birthday Calendar

Never forget a birthday again with the ALDI Photos birthday calendar. The birthday calendar can be used several years as it is not dependant on the calendar of the year.

Available in the following format:
• 5 x 12"

Desk Calendar

The desk calendar means you can keep an eye on all of the important appointments - whether on a desk at home or in the office. You can also enter your own appointments.

Available in the following format:
• 12 x 4"

Desk Pad with Calendar

The desk pad has 50 pages and is produced on high-quality digital print paper. It offers spaces for your own appointments and notes as well as showing the calendar for the year. The pages are kept together with glue binding and cardboard on the back.

Available in the following format:
• 17 x 12"

Calendar types and formats

11 x 11 "

12 x 17 "

12 x 8 "

17 x 12 "

8 x 12 "

8 x 8 "



5 x 12 "

6 x 16.5 "

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