Relive your travels in a photo book

Even though your holidays pass by so quickly – photos of the sights and thrills of your travels remain even after your return trip. Make sure you never forget the beautiful moments by creating a photo book. Have your most beautiful shots at your fingertips, a personaliised photo book is the perfect keepsake. Your most beautiful photos will be even sharper and more vivid on our high-quality photo paper than on a screen.

As individual as your travels: your personal photo book

Have you spent a few beautiful days on the beach with your loved ones or have you been alone in the jungle on an adventure? Holidays and travels are usually so beautiful because we can break out of everyday life. We share our time freely and pursue our interests. ALDI Photos offers a wide range of photo books - also particularly flexible to meet your wishes and expectations. Choose between different formats from 6 x 8’’ to 8 x 11’’, between different cover types, and different paper types. You can also choose between a matt surface or high-gloss finish and put your travel memories in the spotlight as you like.

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Choose the right pictures for a unique photo book

When travelling, most people take tons of photos which usually end up on their phones. It's best to already think of a few special pictures that can bring harmony to your collection while you're on holiday. Breathtaking landscapes or fine grains of sand make beautiful background motifs in your photo book. Pretty detail shots complete your photo book and add to the design. Whether it's a road sign, the wind-flying flag of your holiday destination or a snapshot of a delicious national dish - such pictures make the design interesting. For your selected images, you can create a special folder on your PC or laptop. This makes it easy for you to upload only those snapshots that you really want to include in the photo book. With our free software, all you have to do is select this folder to start creating a professional photo book.

More than photos - various ideas for your photo book

Quotes are a great addition to your photographic artwork - whether it's literature specific to your destination or just a nice saying about travelling. With different lettering, you can freely express your creativity. Nice to read are also excerpts from your travel diary or personal and funny anecdotes. If you want to make the whole thing a little more informative, you can also include interesting facts about the destination. Small captions underneath the pictures are always useful as a reference to the place. This way you will be able to relive your holiday even years after your return trip. Travel documents also bring a little variety. Scan your airline tickets, special tickets or similar items to complete your travel photo book. These pieces illustrate your memories in a very special way. A map of the travel location is also a great way to add background to your photographs. Be creative and collect material on holiday.

Create a travel photo book: Tips for an exciting design

There are many ways to create a photo book. With a few little tricks you can create a professional book of your travel memories. As a general rule, large images relax the eye. Use your fantastic panoramic shots to fill double pages. The colours are brilliantly highlighted on our high-quality photo paper. If you want to install smaller images, this works best in conjunction with larger sections. Elegant are also simple frames that delimit the photographs a little bit from each other. Travel magazines are great as templates for designing a travel photo book - just take a look and get inspired.

Create your photo book easily

ALDI Photos makes it particularly easy for you to create a high-quality photo book. Your selected images can be uploaded with a mouse click and even automatically inserted into the many finished templates. This way, your personal photo book can be created quickly and easily. You can also create the design freely and according to your wishes. Our large selection of backgrounds, cliparts and frames will help you to be creative. To ensure that your artwork really meets your expectations, you can design each page individually.

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