How to create unique vouchers

Vouchers are popular gifts - not only because you save yourself the complicated search for an individual gift, but also because the recipient can use them according to his or her own taste. Some find that a voucher lacks a certain "personal touch". However, this can be easily remedied with a bit of crafting.

If you like it more in the classical way you can simply put the voucher into a card - ideally with an individual photo motif. For example, you can also show what the recipient can buy with the voucher. However, the following ideas are much more exciting than the "classical way" and you are welcome to let them inspire you:

Puzzle your voucher

The "puzzle trick" is almost a classic: have an individual picture and the voucher code printed on a puzzle and place it in an envelope with a nice card. This turns the voucher into a unique puzzle fun.

A hidden voucher

An interesting variation is the "scavenger hunt method". Print a part of the voucher code on a photo that indicates the next photo hiding place. The size of the hunt should be narrowed down a bit in advance to the house and garden for example - unless you want to challenge the adventurer and stage a really big search. If you do then you must make sure that the photos are weather ready to still be waiting for the recipient when they get to it.

Voucher in a photo book

Hide the individual digits and letters of the voucher code in a photo book full of shared memories. You and the recipient can sit comfortably on the sofa, browse through the album and search for parts of the code. Don't forget to have your pen and paper (and code) ready.

With these little tricks not only the voucher but also the discovery becomes a real highlight. The key lies in the unique gesture with which a voucher is presented. You'll see: Often you remember the search and the game around the voucher much more vividly than the voucher itself.

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