Multi-part Canvas

Be creative and experiment with modern split canvas prints


Easily make a two-part wall art with your favourite photo. Simply drag your photo over both screens in the editor. Please pay attention that approx. 25 mm of the image is required for the cover. This area is marked with a grey frame in the editor.


Our three-part canvas simply transforms your photo into a modern work of art.


Pay special attention to our format with two different canvas sizes. The middle canvas is the main part of your picture and is practically embraced by two smaller canvases. This format is especially great if you put a suitable but different motif on the side screens.


With the four-part canvas, special attention should be paid to the section points.

A tip from us, shoot the same subject in four different light or day conditions. Afterwards, each screen of the 4-part set gets its own section of the picture with a different light or day ratio and you have a super work of art.

It is also particularly impressive to depict the four seasons in this way.